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Organic Herbal Blends

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Herbal Blends FAQ Sheet

At Experience Alternatives™ we take great pride in the 100% natural products we create for your enjoyment. We also understand that many people may not be aware of the details surrounding our products, or may have questions that are not directly answered in the Salvia and Kratom FAQ pages. It is our hope that those questions are answered for you here, and encourage you to contact us if you have any further questions.

Organic Herbal Blends

What are the ingredients in your products?

Each Experience Alternatives™ product is produced from a range of organic herbs currently in common use and which are grown around the globe. Many of these herbs are used by many local cultures as smoking blends. Using advanced isolation chemistry, we enhance each plant to its purest form, to work in synergy with other constituent plants in order to create a desirable product. You can find the ingredients for each product listed on the back of the package label.

Are your products safe?

The herbs we use are commonly found in the natural health stores and have been used for centuries by various cultures around the world. Prior to developing a product, we review all available scientific data on the plant including short and long-term toxicity, adverse side effects, and conflicts with common medication. We only develop and release products that are proven to be safe when used within responsible guidelines.

Based on their effectiveness, I find it hard to believe the ingredients are all natural.

Experience Alternatives™ takes pride in the fact that we are 100% Natural and Organic. While it is a more costly method, we have chosen to only use 100% natural ingredients in all our products.

Currently, there are a number of companies which claim to use natural ingredients but do not. After significant testing, we have found that the majority of these companies are using dangerous unstudied synthetics which are often illegal, or are currently being considered to be made illegal.

How are your products to be used?

Our products are manufactured and sold for the expressed and exclusive purpose of incense and aroma therapy. Using products in this way creates aromas which help the user to enter and enhance various types of desirable moods. While we understand that some customers may use these products as an alternative to smoking tobacco, or as a harm reduction product (in a pipe or vaporizer), we cannot condone this usage of the product.

How well do your products sell?

Experience Alternatives™ has seen a consistent increase in sales since its inception and gains consistent, positive feedback from our merchants and partners. Our products prove to fill a very strong customer need and supplement, even encourage existing product sales according to most retailers. Our sales team has worked with many successful retailers to understand the structure of this market and what they need to remain competitive in their industry. By working closely with our sales executives you will gain in-depth knowledge about our products and the key ways you can increase your overall sales.